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CRIStin aims to increase the social value of research by making it possible for research from several sectors to be viewed in the same context.

The organization shall contribute to the achievement of three long-term goals:

To give Norwegian researchers access to relevant information as a basis for their work

To render Norwegian research visible, both nationally and internationally

To streamline the everyday work of researchers and research institutions – more research, less administration


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The Research Information System CRIStin

The Research Information System CRIStin is a tool for researchers and research institutions in Norway, It is aimed to record and promote the publication data, projects, units and competency profiles. The system is also used for reporting of publication points.

Licensing and consortium agreements

CRIStin negotiates licensing and consortium agreements on behalf of Norwegian research institutions. The agreements are made ​​with suppliers of electronic resources.

Open Access

Open Access means that scientific publications are freely available on the web. The author retains the copyright to the material, but gives users access to the publication without requiring any compensation.