Quick reference list of persons

The purpose of the quick reference list of persons is to make it easier to find people when registering your work in CRIStin. The name and institutional address for people you often collaborate with may be added to this list.

You may find CRIStin-people by searching for their surname and first name, or from a list of everybody working at your institution. In addition, you may register people who are not connected to a CRIStin-institution to the list.

If you are employed at several institutions, you may add all your institutional addresses in the quick reference list, to simplify registering work connected to other institutions than your default address.

Go to the menu Research results/NVI -- Quick reference list of persons:


  • Search for the name of the person you wish to add, or your own name:

If you wish to search for people not identified in CRIStin with a (P), you have to uncheck the box called Only "known" persons (Data imported from the personnel system).

  • You will then be able to either choose a person from the result list, or register a new person:

  • Choose the correct person to add them to the quick list.
  • If the address is incorrect, you may change it by clicking on the house icon to the far right.
  • Search for and add the correct address. This will automatically replace the old address.

If the person is not in the result list, and not registered in CRIStin, you may choose "Register a new person".

  • Type the correct name and click "Add to quick reference list"

The person will be registered with an unknown institutional address. To add an address:

  • Click on the house icon to the far right – search for and add the correct institution.
Published Oct. 17, 2017 12:29 PM - Last modified Oct. 27, 2017 1:36 PM