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How do I become a Cristin user?

In order to become a Cristin user your institution must be in Cristin. If your institution is in Cristin, your local superuser should be able to give you access. Contact the local Cristin contact/superuser at your institution for assistance.


Who is my local contact person/superuser?

All institutions have a local Cristin superuser who can assist you with any questions you may have about Cristin.

Use of personal ID number in the Cristin system

The reason that Cristin and the earlier Frida system use personal ID numbers is that this is currently the only unique identifier for people in Norway. This use of personal ID numbers is permitted under Section 12 of the Personal Data Act. Since the system is used for reporting and allocating funds, it is important that individual researchers can be identified in connection with revisions of the distribution of funds. The Ministry of Education and Research has decided that the identifier will continue to be the personal ID number.


Logging in

I can’t log in

In order to be able to log in to Cristin you must be registered as a user, and your institution must be a Cristin institution. It is your institution that gives notification of a new user and decides who should have access to register publications in Cristin. Contact the superuser at your institution if you suspect you might not be registered.

There are two log-in methods in Cristin: Cristin log-in and Feide log-in.

For problems with Cristin log-in:
For problems with Cristin log-in, the superuser at your institution can help you. If the superuser fails to resolve the problem, he/she can contact the Cristin secretariat for assistance.

For problems with Feide log-in:
If you are unable to log in to Feide, it may be because you are not registered as a user in Feide. Contact IT support to register.

Just because you have access to Feide does not automatically mean you can log in to Cristin. In order to be able to do this, Cristin must be included in the list of services that you have access to via Feide.

In order to check if you should have access to Cristin, log in to your page in Feide (http://innsyn.feide.no/). Under the “Services” tab is a list of everything you should have access to. If Cristin is not listed here contact IT support at your institution so they can add you. If Cristin is on the list, and local IT do not know why you are unable to log in, the superuser at your institution can contact the Cristin secretariat for assistance.


I have forgotten my password/username

Your local superuser can look up your username in Cristin, and give you a new password.

To set a new password, go to the project catalogue. After you have selected your institution in the drop down menu, you will see a “Forgotten password?” link. If you are registered with an e-mail address in the system, click on this link and new log-in details will be e-mailed to you.

For Feide log-in, it is your local IT support that provides username and password assistance.


Do I have to log in to both the current Cristin and the new project catalogue?

During a transition phase, you must log in to both the project catalogue and the current Cristin (research results etc.) Your username and password will be the same in both places. We hope to make the transition phase as short as possible.

The reason for this is that the project catalogue has been updated and is the first service to be moved over to a new version of Cristin. The various services will gradually be transferred to the new version, after which the current Cristin will be closed down.


I can’t log in to the new project directory

If you are able to log in to the old system, but not the new project directory, you can try setting a new password by clicking on the “Change Password” link at the top right of “My profile” in the old system under menu item “Researchers”. The password must have at least six characters.

If you are still unable to log in, contact your local superuser. Remember to include the error message you receive when you try to log in.

For problems with Feide log-in in the project directory: if you have Feide log-in and are able to log in to the 'old' CRIStin (research results etc.), but not the project catalogue, the problem may be that you are registered with different usernames in CRIStin and Feide. Contact your local superuser who can help you find out if this is the case. If it transpires that you do indeed have two different usernames, we will have to change your username in Cristin. Changes to your username can be reported by your superuser via the online form at our web pages.


Editing information on me

My e-mail address is incorrect

The reason for this may be that you are listed as a user at two different institutions. Contact the superuser at your institution so that they can rectify this in CRIStin.

I am linked to an institution that I don’t work at

Contact the local superuser at the institution you mistakenly are linked to and ask them to set an end date for your employment. For institutions that have automatic transfer of place and personal data to Cristin, the end date must be set in the payroll and personnel system. For all other institutions, the end date is set in Cristin.


I have changed name

There are three places where your name has to be changed in Cristin:

  • Administrasjon > Person/Bruker/Ansettelser ⇒ superuser has access to make name changes. This is the name that is displayed on your profile page.
  • Research results/NVI > My authorname ⇒ you and your local superuser have access to make changes. My authorname determines which name is displayed when registering a publication.
  • The “User” table in the database linked to log-in ⇒ You will see this name above the left menu when you are logged in to CRIStin. This name must be changed by the Cristin developer. The superuser at your institution will contact Cristin.


Registration in Cristin

How do I register my publication in Cristin?

For a simple step-by-step guide on how to register publications in Cristin:


Which journals/publishers give publication points

To find publication channels (journals/publishers) that give publication points, you can search DBH (Database for Statistics on Higher Education): https://dbh.nsd.uib.no/publiseringskanaler/

It is prudent to ascertain whether the publication channel is approved and gives publication points before deciding which channel you want your publication to be published in.


Journals that have not been assigned a level

The reason that the journal has not been assigned a level may be that the journal has not been reported to Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD). In this case, the solution is to report the journal to NSD so that the publishing committee at the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR) can assess whether the journal meets the requirements of academic publishing. You can register new publication channels to NSD via: https://dbh.nsd.uib.no/publiseringskanaler/BrukerLoggpa.


Journals that have been assigned a level with NSD, but not in Cristin

The reason a journal has been assigned a level with NSD but not in Cristin may be due to a number of factors;

  1. The journal is new and has not yet been processed in the system. NSD sets a journal at level 1 by default, but this does not mean that it has been approved at level 1. If the journal has the administrative code New (/processed), this means that the journal has not been evaluated, or is being processed, by UHR’s publishing committee.
  2. The journal has just been processed by the publishing committee, but not yet transferred to Cristin. It can often take a while for a channel that is approved by NSD to be transferred to Cristin. When the status of the journal is updated in Cristin, all academic publications related to this journal will be updated automatically. They will then appear in the interface for control and approval of academic publishing for NVI reporting.


I have registered a book in an approved channel (publisher), but it has not been assigned a level in Cristin

The reason for this is usually that the publisher has been registered manually in Cristin. Search the record again, and click the edit button. If the publisher is listed as a "Publisher": click “Register publishing company manually” and search publishing company, select the publishing company from the drop down list.

The reason could also be that the channel is new and has not yet been approved or transferred to Cristin. See the section “Journals have been assigned a level in NSD, but not in Cristin”.

I am submitting a report to the Research Council of Norway and need to register a project code for a publication

If you need to submit a report to the Research Council of Norway and want to retrieve the publications you have registered in CRIStin in the Research Council’s system, you must register a project code for the publication. At the moment, there is no link between Cristin’s project directory and the Research Council’s system.

A user guide for registering a project code for a publication is available at our website (PDF, 287kb)

I get a message informing me that the ISBN is wrong

Sometimes the ISBN is not ‘validated’. One way of getting around this is to write 10 0s (or 13) in the ISBN field. Note: In the comments field, enter the ISBN that is printed on the book and a note that the ISBN is not validated.


I have registered an academic article in an anthology, but the book is not an academic publication

The reason why the book is not academic may be that it has been assessed and registered as a technical book or textbook. Books that are registered as a technical book/textbook do not qualify under the publishing system. If you believe the book is incorrectly classified you can contact the Cristin superuser at your institution.


The institution is not specified in the Cristin system

There could be several reasons why you cannot find the institution in the Cristin system. The first thing you should do is search using parts of the institution name. Truncate the search terms using an asterisk (*) to get hits on alternative spellings.

If there is no match, you will need to search for the institution on the Internet in order to ensure that you have written/spelled its name correctly. Sometimes the information found in a publication does not correspond to the actual name of the institution.

It should be noted that for foreign institutions, only the top level is registered, i.e. the overarching institution. One example of this is the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, which is a sub-unit of Harvard University – and should be registered under the latter’s institution name (top level).

If you still cannot find the institution in Cristin, it is likely that it is not included in the institution register. In this case, the minimum requirement is that the correct country is registered as the author's address.

If your institution has an ongoing cooperation with the institution that is missing, you can ask to have it added to the institution register.

Fill out and submit the form to report a new institution to Cristin.


I have written an article that is published on a website outside ISSN

If you have published an article on a website outside ISSN, you can register the website as a popular science journal. ISSN is not mandatory in this category.

In the form for registering the article (select the category in Journal publication > Popular science article), search for the journal title/website title/blog title. If you do not get a match, you will be given the opportunity to register a new journal.


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