How to register the RCN project number in Cristin

  1. Register the publication as usual. When you have entered year, volume, pages, DOI etc. click the button marked ‘Register additional information’, located just above the save button.

  1. To link the publication to the RCN you have to enter the RCN project number on the registration.
  2. In the boxed called ‘Project code’ select the Research council of Norway as the source of funding and enter the project number.

Make sure you have entered the project number correctly. You may add multiple sources of funding if your article was funded by several projects. Click ‘Add’ underneath the field where you enter the project number to add funding sources.

Please note: the RCN project number consist of six digits. Only register these six digits. E.g. Project number 184951/F30 is registered as 184951

When you click ‘Save’ a connection is established between Cristin and the RCN project reporting system.

If all the publications you are reporting to the RCN have the correct project number, you may retrieve information about the publications in ‘My RCN Web’ > ‘Projects/Reports’ with the function called ‘Get from Cristin’ under the headline ‘Publication information’ in the report.

Published Dec. 13, 2017 10:24 AM - Last modified June 14, 2018 10:57 AM