How to register academic publications for NVI

Institutions that receive part of their funding through the performance based redistribution model, have to report their academic publications every year to NVI. NVI stands for "Norsk vitenskapsindeks" (Norwegian science index).

The term "academic" is an operationalisation used to describe the type of publications that can be reported. It does not imply that other forms of research is deemed unacademic.

What can be reported?

To be classified as "academic", a publication has to meet all of the criteria below (see Reporting instructions paragraph 1):

  1. present new insight
  2. be presented in a form that allows the research findings to be verified and/or used in new research
  3. be written in a language and have a distribution that make the publication accessible to the majority of interested researchers
  4. appear in an authorised publication channel (journal, series, book publishers, website) that has procedures for external peer review