Practical information for exhibitors

This page provides practical information for exhibitors. The page is continually updated.

What is the fee for having an exhibition at the conference?

The exhibition fee is 3000 NOK. This fee covers both days.

Please also remember to choose the day or days that you wish to attend in the registration form. The day fee covers lunches, coffee etc.

What is the exhibition fee if a vendor is represented by more than one delegate?

The exhibition fee is per vendor and not per person. If two or more delegates represent one vendor, choose the "exhibition fee" on only one of the delegates in the form when registering.

I want to be a sponsor. What do I do?

Contact us at

How much space do I get as an exhibitor?

Every exhibitor will be assigned a 1,75m*1,75m space.

What furniture is available?

The following furniture will be provided for all exhibitors:

  • a table (dimension: 120cm * 45cm, height: 72cm)
  • two chairs
  • a wall in the back

Will there be internet connection?

Wireless internet connection is available.

Do I get access to an electricity source if I need one?

Yes, we will provide access to electricity if needed.

How is the layout of the exhibition venue?

You can download the floor plan for the exhibition venue here (updated april 18th)

Can I send my exhibition equipment to the hotel prior to the conference?

Yes, that is no problem. There is however one very important thing to note when it comes to sending equipment to the hotel. That is, when you send from abroad, you need to make sure that you pay the custom charge to get your package in to Norway. A documentation that the custom charge is paid should be sent by email to If the hotel does not receive this documentation, the package will be returned to sender.

Send the equipment to the following address:

Thon Hotel Bristol

Kristian IV's gate 7

0164 Oslo


Mark your package: "ATT: Thea Hübenbecker"

Contact phone numbers for the courier:

(within office hours only)


(within office hours only)

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Technical and practical questions regarding exhibition equipment:

contact Thea Hübenbecker at
Mark your email with "Maud-salen April 28th-29th"

Questions regarding sponsorship and general questions:

please contact

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