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Fra: 2017   Til: 2017   Enhet: Kjemisk institutt (UiB)   Hovedkategori: Tidsskriftspublikasjon   Kun publ. kanaler nivå 1 og 2

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1 Ali, Aasim; Kallenborn, Roland; Sydnes, Leiv K.; Rønning, Helene Thorsen; Alarif, Walied; Lihaibi, Sultan Al.
Photolysis of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the marine environment under simulated sunlight conditions: irradiation and identification. Environmental science and pollution research international 2017 ;Volum 24. s. 14657-14668
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2 Balakin, Boris; Adamsen, Tom Christian Holm; Chang, Yu-Fen; Kosinski, Pawel Jan; Hoffmann, Alex Christian.
Non-invasive studies of multiphase flow in process equipment. Positron emission particle tracking technique.. Journal of Physics, Conference Series 2017 ;Volum 781:012039. s. 1-8
3 Baumann, Markus.
Syntesestudier av nye reseptorblokkere. Norsk Farmaceutisk Tidsskrift 2017 ;Volum 125.(3) s. 30-31
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4 Baumann, Markus; Hussain, Mohammad Musarraf; Henne, Nina; Garrote, Daniel Moya; Karlshøj, Stefanie; Fossen, Torgils; Rosenkilde, Mette M.; Våbenø, Jon; Haug, Bengt Erik.
Influence of chain length on the activity of tripeptidomimetic antagonists for CXC chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4). Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2017 ;Volum 25.(2) s. 646-657
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5 Bezrukov, Andrey A.; Törnroos, Karl Wilhelm; Dietzel, Pascal D.C..
Modification of Network and Pore Dimensionality in Metal–Organic Frameworks Containing a Secondary Phosphine Functionality. Crystal Growth & Design 2017 ;Volum 17. s. 3257-3266
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6 Doudin, Khalid; Törnroos, Karl Wilhelm.
2,2′,2″-Thiotris(acetic acid) betaine, S(CH2COOH)2(CH2COO), and 2,2′,2″-selenotris(acetic acid) betaine, Se(CH2COOH)2(CH2COO). Journal of Molecular Structure 2017 ;Volum 1134. s. 611-616
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7 Grung, Bjørn; Sandvik, Asle Makoto; Hjelle, Kay; Dahl, Lisbeth; Frøyland, Livar; Nygård, Irene; Hansen, Anita Lill.
Linking vitamin D status, executive functioning and self-perceived mental health in adolescents through multivariate analysis: A randomized double-blind placebo control trial. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology 2017 ;Volum 58.(2) s. 123-130
8 Li, Weiwei; Jiang, Xue; Wu, Ronglan; Wei, Wang.
Fast shape recovery by changing the grafting ratio in polyurethane/montmorillonite-poly(methyl methacrylate) composites. Polymer journal 2017 ;Volum 49.(2) s. 263-271
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9 Løhre, Camilla; Halleraker, Hilde Vik; Barth, Tanja.
Composition of lignin-to-liquid solvolysis oils from lignin extracted in a semi-continuous organosolv process. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2017 ;Volum 18:225. s. 1-17
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10 Oregui, Mikel; Gandarias, Inaki; Arias, Pedro L.; Barth, Tanja.
Unraveling the Role of Formic Acid and the Type of Solvent in the Catalytic Conversion of Lignin: A Holistic Approach. ChemSusChem 2017 ;Volum 10.(4) s. 754-766
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11 Pato-Doldán, Breogán; Rosnes, Mali Husby; Dietzel, Pascal D.C..
An In-Depth Structural Study of the Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Process in the Porous Metal–Organic Frameworks CPO-27-M. ChemSusChem 2017 s. 1710-1719
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12 Ralte, Lalrempuia; Breivik, Frida; Törnroos, Karl Wilhelm; Le Roux, Erwan.
Coordination behavior of bis-phenolate saturated and unsaturated N-heterocyclic carbene ligands to zirconium: reactivity and activity in the copolymerization of cyclohexene oxide with CO2. Dalton Transactions 2017 ;Volum 46. s. 8065-8076
UiB Untitled
13 Totland, Christian; Blokhus, Anne Marit.
Swollen micelles and alcohol–surfactant co-adsorption: structures and mechanisms from liquid- and solid-state 1H–1H NMR spectroscopy. Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP 2017 ;Volum 19. s. 7708-7713
UiB Untitled
14 Totland, Christian; Seland, John Georg; Steinkopf, Signe Lilia; Nerdal, Willy.
Analysis of wild and farmed salmon using 13C solid-state NMR and MRI directly on fillet tissue. Analytical Methods 2017 ;Volum 9. Suppl. 7 s. 1290-1296
HIB UiB Untitled
15 Yuste-Checa, Patricia; Brasil, Sandra; Gamez, Alejandra; Underhaug, Jarl; Desviat, Lourdes Ruiz; Ugarte, Magdalena; Pérez-Cerdá, Celia; Martinez, Aurora; Pérez, Belén.
Pharmacological Chaperoning: A Potential Treatment for PMM2-CDG. Human Mutation 2017 ;Volum 38.(2) s. 160-168
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