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1 Ahlers, Dirk; Krogstie, John; Driscoll, Patrick Arthur; Lundli, Hans Einar; Loveland, Simon-James; Rothballer, Carsten; Wyckmans, Annemie.
Supporting Municipal Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Inventories Using Business Process Modeling: A Case Study of Trondheim Municipality. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 2017 ;Volume 281. p. 416-427
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2 Ahlers, Dirk; Wilde, Erik.
LocWeb '17: Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Location and the Web}. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 2017 (ISBN 978-1-4503-4914-7) 16 p.
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3 Bauer, Ulrich Stefan; Huse Ramstad, Ola; Tufte, Gunnar; Nichele, Stefano; Sandvig, Ioanna; Sandvig, Axel.
Developing an Engineered Neural Network Model for the Study of ALS. Nordic Neuroscience 2017; 2017-06-07 - 2017-06-09
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4 Benetka, Jan; Balog, Krisztian; Nørvåg, Kjetil.
Anticipating Information Needs Based on Check-in Activity. I: Proceedings of the Tenth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, WSDM 2017, Cambridge, United Kingdom, February 6-10, 2017. ACM Publications 2017 ISBN 978-1-4503-4675-7. p. 41-50
NTNU UIS Untitled
5 Bibri, Simon Elias; Krogstie, John.
ICT of the New Wave of Computing for Sustainable Urban Forms: Their Big Data and Context–Aware Augmented Typologies and Design Concepts. Sustainable cities and society 2017 p. -
NTNU Untitled
6 Bibri, Simon Elias; Krogstie, John.
On the Social Shaping Dimensions of Smart Sustainable Cities: A Study in Science, Technology, and Society. Sustainable cities and society 2017 ;Volume 29. p. 219-246
NTNU Untitled
7 Bibri, Simon Elias; Krogstie, John.
Smart Sustainable Cities of the Future: An Extensive Interdisciplinary Literature Review. Sustainable cities and society 2017
NTNU Untitled
8 Broersma, Hajo; Miller, Julian F.; Nichele, Stefano.
Computational Matter: Evolving Computational Functions in Nanoscale Materials. I: Advances in Unconventional Computing. Volume 2: Prototypes, Models and Algorithms. Springer Publishing Company 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-33920-7. p. 397-428
NTNU Untitled
9 Carlson, Trevor E.; Tran, Kim-anh; Jimborean, Alexandra; Koukos, Konstantinos; Själander, Magnus; Kaxiras, Stefanos.
Transcending Hardware Limits with Software Out-of-order Processing. IEEE Computer Architecture Letters 2017
NTNU Untitled
10 de Souza da Silva, Eliezer.
New Probabilistic Models for Recommender Systems with Rich Contextual and Content Information. I: Proceedings of the Tenth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, WSDM 2017, Cambridge, United Kingdom, February 6-10, 2017. ACM Publications 2017 ISBN 978-1-4503-4675-7. p. 839-839
NTNU Untitled
11 Dingsøyr, Torgeir.
Impact of Scrum of Scrums. Impact of Agile Practices Workshop 2017, XP2017; 2017-05-26 - 2017-05-26
12 Fraser, Nicholas J.; Umuroglu, Yaman; Gambardella, Giulio; Blott, Michaela; Leong, Philip W.; Vissers, Kees; Jahre, Magnus.
Scaling Binarized Neural Networks on Reconfigurable Logic. I: Proceedings of the 8th Workshop and 6th Workshop on Parallel Programming and Run-Time Management Techniques for Many-core Architectures and Design Tools and Architectures for Multicore Embedded Computing Platforms. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 2017 ISBN 978-1-4503-4877-5. p. 25-30
NTNU Untitled
13 Gancheva, Ivana; Dingsøyr, Torgeir.
Managing Risks in Agile Software Development: Risk Factors in Empirical Studies compared to a Traditional Risk Component Framework. 18th International Conference on Agile Software Development (XP2018); 2017-06-22
14 Gao, Shang; Krogstie, John; Thingstad, Trond; Tran, Hoang.
An empirical study of the adoption of an indoor location-based service: Finding reading rooms. International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction 2017 ;Volume 13.(2) p. 70-88
NTNU Untitled
15 Gautam, Vinay Kumar.
Dynamically Controlled DNA Tiles: Looking Beyond the Self-assemby of Static Two-dimensional DNA-based Computational Structures. Trondheim: NTNU Grafisk senter 2017 (ISBN 978-82-326-2188-0) ;Volume 2017.202 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(58)
NTNU Untitled
16 Gautam, Vinay kumar; Prasath, Rajendra.
Simulating Self-replicating Patterns of DNA Tiles. 10th EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies (BICT 2017); 2017-03-15 - 2017-03-17
NTNU Untitled
17 Gkorgkas, Orestis; Vlachou, Akrivi; Doulkeridis, Christos; Nørvåg, Kjetil.
Exploratory product search using top-k join queries. Information Systems 2017 ;Volume 64.(March) p. 75-92
NTNU Untitled
18 Gundersen, Odd Erik.
Hailing a ride with a rescue helicopter: A case study. Cognitive and Computational Aspects of Situation Management (CogSIMA), 2017 IEEE Conference on; 2017-03-27 - 2017-03-31
NTNU Untitled
19 Gundersen, Odd Erik; Øvergård, Fredrik; Pram, Christoffer.
Hailing a ride with a rescue helicopter: A case study. I: 2017 IEEE Conference on Cognitive and Computational Aspects of Situation Management (Cogsima). IEEE 2017 ISBN 978-1-5090-6380-2. p. 1-3
NTNU Untitled
20 Hasibi, Faegheh; Balog, Krisztian; Bratsberg, Svein Erik.
Entity Linking in Queries: Efficiency vs. Effectiveness. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2017 ;Volume 10193. p. 40-53
NTNU UIS Untitled
21 Hasibi, Faegheh; Garigliotti, Dario; Zhang, Shuo; Balog, Krisztian.
Supervised Ranking of Triples for Type-Like Relations (The Cress Triple Scorer at WSDM Cup 2017). CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2017 p. -
NTNU UIS Untitled
22 High, Gregory Paul; Green, Philip John; Nussbaum, Peter.
Content-dependent adaptation in a soft proof matching experiment. Color Imaging XXII: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications; 2017-01-29 - 2017-02-02
NTNU Untitled
23 Jaccheri, Maria Letizia; Berg, Truls A..
Nytt datainstitutt på NTNU åpner – skal ledes av Italiensk-norsk professor. [Internet] 2017-01-13
NTNU Untitled
24 Joakimsen, Trygve Strand; Lystad, Malin Sveinsdotter; Nichele, Stefano; Tufte, Gunnar; Aaser, Peter; Knudsen, Martinius; Hendseth, Sverre; Sandvig, Ioanna; Ramstad, Ola Huse; van de Wijdeven, Rosanne; Åm, Heidrun.
Lager krysning mellom menneske og maskin. NRK Trøndelag online [Internet] 2017-03-07
NTNU Untitled
25 Knudsen, Martinius; Nichele, Stefano. - NTNU Cyborg project website.
NTNU Untitled
26 Koposov, Roman A; Fossum, Sturla; Frodl, Thomas; Nytrø, Øystein; Leventhal, Bennett; Sourander, Andre; Quaglini, Silvana; Molteni, Massimo; Vayá, María de la Iglesia; Prokosch, Hans‐Ulrich; Barbarini, Nicola; Milham, Michael Peter; Castellanos, Francisco Xavier; Skokauskas, Norbert.
Clinical decision support systems in child and adolescent psychiatry: a systematic review. European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2017
NTNU UiT Untitled
27 Kostaris, Christoforos; Stylianos, Sergis; Sampson, Demetrios G.; Giannakos, Michail; Pelliccione, Lina.
Investigating the Potential of the Flipped Classroom Model in K-12 ICT Teaching and Learning: An Action Research Study. Educational Technology & Society 2017 ;Volume 20.(1) p. 261-273
NTNU Untitled
28 Kourouthanassis, Panos; Mikalef, Patrick; Pappas, Ilias; Kostagiolas, Petros.
Explaining travellers online information satisfaction: A complexity theory approach on information needs, barriers, sources and personal characteristics. Information & Management 2017
NTNU Untitled
29 Lavoll, Hallvard; Iversen, Anniken Jess; Nichele, Stefano.
Internet of Things. VITEN + SNAKKIS og [Radio] 2017-04-07
HIOA NTNU Untitled
30 Lykkebø, Odd Rune Strømmen.
Computing in Unstructured Matter. Trondheim: NTNU Grafisk senter 2017 (ISBN 978-82-326-2253-5) ;Volume 2017.123 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(90)
NTNU Untitled
31 Madsen, Anders L.; Jensen, Frank; Salmeron, Antonio; Langseth, Helge; Nielsen, Thomas D..
A Parallel Algorithm for Bayesian Network Structure Learning from Large Data Sets. Knowledge-Based Systems 2017 ;Volume 117. p. 46-55
NTNU Untitled
32 Marsi, Erwin; Øzturk, Pinar; Ardelan, Murat Van.
Marine Variable Linker: Exploring Relations between Changing Variables in Marine Science Literature. Meeting of European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL); 2017-04-03 - 2017-04-07
NTNU Untitled
33 Mavroudi, Anna; Giannakos, Michail; Krogstie, John.
Supporting adaptive learning pathways through the use of learning analytics: developments, challenges and future opportunities. Interactive Learning Environments 2017
NTNU Untitled
34 Mehrpoor, Mahsa; Ahlers, Dirk; Gulla, Jon Atle; Kristensen, Kjetil; Sivertsen, Ole Ivar.
Investigating contextual ontologies and document corpus characteristics for information access in engineering settings. Journal of IT Cases and Applications 2017 ;Volume 19.(1) p. 10-33
NTNU Untitled
35 Meland, Svein Inge; Nichele, Stefano; Tufte, Gunnar; Aaser, Peter; Knudsen, Martinius; Hendseth, Sverre; Sandvig, Ioanna; Ramstad, Ola Huse; van de Wijdeven, Rosanne; Åm, Heidrun.
NTNU skal lage en ekte Kyborg. Adresseavisen online [Internet] 2017-03-08
NTNU Untitled
36 Merčun, Tanja; Žumer, Maja; Aalberg, Trond.
Presenting bibliographic families using information visualization: Evaluation of FRBR-based prototype and hierarchical visualizations. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 2017 ;Volume 68.(2) p. 392-411
NTNU Untitled
37 Mikalef, Patrick; Pateli, Adamantia.
Information technology-enabled dynamic capabilities and their indirect effect on competitive performance: Findings from PLS-SEM and fsQCA. Journal of Business Research 2017 ;Volume 70. p. 1-16
NTNU Untitled
38 Mikalef, Patrik; Kourouthanassis, Panos; Pateli, Adamantia.
Online information search behaviour of physicians. Health Information and Libraries Journal 2017
NTNU Untitled
39 Naidan, Bilegsaikhan.
Engineering Efficient Similarity Search Methods. Trondheim: NTNU Grafisk senter 2017 (ISBN 978-82-326-2240-5) ;Volume 2017.150 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(84)
NTNU Untitled
40 Nichele, Stefano; Farstad, Sigve Sebastian; Tufte, Gunnar.
Universality of Evolved Cellular Automata in-Materio. International Journal of Unconventional Computing 2017 ;Volume 13.(1) p. 1-34
NTNU Untitled
41 Nichele, Stefano; Gundersen, Magnus.
Reservoir Computing Using Non-Uniform Binary Cellular Automata. : arXiv preprint, arXiv:1702.03812v1 [cs.ET] 2017 9 p.
NTNU Untitled
42 Nichele, Stefano; Molund, Andreas.
Deep Reservoir Computing Using Cellular Automata. : arXiv preprint, arXiv:1703.02806 [cs.NE] 2017 9 p.
NTNU Untitled
43 Olsen, Lene Christin; O'Reilly, Kally; Liabakk, Nina-Beate; Witter, Menno; Sætrom, Pål.
MicroRNAs contribute to postnatal development of laminar differences and neuronal subtypes in the rat medial entorhinal cortex. Brain Structure and Function 2017
NTNU Untitled
44 Olsen, Maria Belland; Hildrestrand, Gunn Annette; Scheffler, Katja; Vinge, Leif Erik; Alfsnes, Katrine; Palibrk, Vuk; Wang, Junbai; Neurauter, Christine Gran; Gomez, Luisa Fernanda Luna; Johansen, Jostein; Øgaard, Jonas; Ohm, Ingrid Kristine; Slupphaug, Geir; Kusnierczyk, Anna; Fiane, Arnt E; Brorson, Sverre Henning; Zhang, Lili; Gullestad, Lars; Louch, William Edward; Iversen, Per Ole; Østlie, Ingunn; Klungland, Arne; Christensen, Geir Arve; Sjaastad, Ivar; Sætrom, Pål; Yndestad, Arne; Aukrust, Pål; Bjørås, Magnar; Finsen, Alexandra.
NEIL3-Dependent Regulation of Cardiac Fibroblast Proliferation Prevents Myocardial Rupture. Cell reports 2017 ;Volume 18. p. 82-92
NTNU OUS UiO Untitled
45 Pappas, Ilias; Giannakos, Michail; Jaccheri, Maria Letizia; Sampson, Demetrios G.
Assessing Student Behavior in Computer Science Education with an fsQCA Approach: The Role of Gains and Barriers. ACM Transactions on Computing Education 2017 ;Volume 17.(2)
NTNU Untitled
46 Pappas, Ilias; Giannakos, Michail; Mikalef, Patrik.
Investigating students’ use and adoption of with-video assignments: lessons learnt for video-based open educational resources. Journal of Computing in Higher Education 2017
NTNU Untitled
47 Pappas, Ilias; Kourouthanassis, Panos; Papavlasopoulou, Sofia; Chrissikopoulos, Vassilios.
Emotions in Motion: The Combined Effect of Positive and Negative Emotions on Personalised E-Commerce. nternational Journal of Online Marketing 2017 ;Volume 7.(1) p. 64-77
NTNU Untitled
48 Pappas, Ilias; Mikalef, Patrik; Giannakos, Michail; Krogstie, John; Lekakos, George.
Social Media and Analytics for Competitive Performance: A Conceptual Research Framework. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 2017 ;Volume 263. p. 209-218
NTNU Untitled
49 Parmiggiani, Elena.
This Is Not a Fish: On the Scale and Politics of Infrastructure Design Studies. Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) 2017 ;Volume 26.(1-2) p. 205-243
NTNU Untitled
50 Parmiggiani, Elena; Hibberd, Ralph; Venters, Will.
Politics of repair in medicines supply networks: Harnessing fear of falsification. IFIP WG8.6 working conference: "Re-Imagining Diffusion of Information Technology and Systems: Opportunities and Risks"; 2017-06-05 - 2017-06-05
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