OpenAire International Workshop: Impact and Measurement of Open Access

On February 14th 2017 CERES organised an international OpenAIRE workshop hosted at HiOA (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science), about measuring Open Access and its impact. The purpose of the workshop was to identify challenges that need to be addressed, and provide a meeting place for key stakeholders.

The workshop featured speakers representing a wide spectrum of stakeholder organisations and institutions like OpenAIRE, Knowledge Exchange, the Danish OA Indicator, Crossref, the European Research Council (ERC) and SCOAP3. Their presentations gave an introduction to, and highlighted, important elements and challenges concerning measuring Open Access. They also provided insight and input on what and how to measure the impact of Open Access.

One of the topics touched upon was the connection between Open Access, impact and research assessment. This connection is an important part of the discussion on how to achieve Open Access, and also one of the crucial reasons for establishing consistent and meaningful methods for measurement for both researchers and research funders. Carlos Galan-Diaz, Research Impact Officer from the University of Glasgow, talked about researcher engagement and the social impact and metrics of science. In addition to the invited speakers, the workshop had a lightning talk session with five country representatives from different parts of Europe. Among these was Katie Shamash from Jisc. She mentioned the increasing costs of both journal subscriptions and APCs (Article Processing Charges) in the UK, illustrating some of the benefits of tracking and measuring APC costs.  

The discussion which rounded of the day reflected several of the previous topics. The panellists advocated openness and standardisation of definitions and indicators across borders. Michael Svendsen, from Knowledge Exchange, said it is important to coordinate this internationally in order to be able to benchmark the development of Open Access.

The entire workshop and talks were streamed live and uploaded to YouTube. We have collated the videos and presentations here. For an additional summary of the workshop, we recommend the blog post by Frank Manista from Jisc.




Workshop Opening - Welcome

Curt Rice - Rector of HiOA


Introduction to the OpenAIRE2020 Workshop: The ImpacΤ and Measuring of Open Access

Natalia Manola

Session 1 - Measuring open access

Knowledge Exchange Consensus on monitoring OA: Recommendations from the Copenhagen workshop

Michael Svendsen

- Knowledge Exchange

Danish Open Access Indicator - Monitoring Open Access in a national context

Karen Sofie Hytteballe Ibanez

Using Crossref metadata to track Open Access (and more)

Rachael Lammey - Crossref

Session 2 - The impact of open access

Open Access and Open Data at ERCEA: preliminary figures

 Antonio Perianes - ERC

(European research council)

The impact of Open Access on article downloads in High-Energy Physics

 Salvatore Mele - SCOAP3

Lightning Talks: Input and status reports from different countries and regions

Portugal - Monitoring a national funder OA mandate - the Portuguese case: challenges and working solutions

 Eloy Rodrigues

Hungary - OA mandate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: how effective is it?

 Andras Holl

Croatia - Impact of Open Access on research in Croatia: small incentives, big achievements

 Jadranka Stojanovski

Norway - Strategy and implementation of open access at HIOA

Lars Egeland

UK - Article processing charges and subscriptions: Monitoring open access costs in the UK

 Katie Shamash

The academic and non-academic impact of Open Access

Carlos Galan-Diaz

- Bibliometric

Panel Discussion:

Measuring the impact of Open Access

Moderator: Katrine Weisteen Bjerde

- Director of Research Services - CERES (previously known as CRIStin).









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