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About the Research Information System CRIStin

CRIStin (Current research information system in Norway) is a research information system for hospitals, research institutes, and universities and university colleges. One of the primary purposes of the system is to collect all the registration and reporting of research activities of institutions within the three sectors in a common system. This gives researchers a place to capture and simplify the registration of common publications.

The CRIStin-system is developed by system developers from FSAT, and as an organization CRIStin work closely with FSAT:

The system consists of the following main parts:

Research results/NVI

The service for research results contain documented results from research. An essential part in the resultservice is the publishing database NVI (The Norwegian Science Index).

The module for research results also contains other research results than scientific publishing: i.e. reports, popular science articles, books, lectures, media contributions, etc. Other important results are also included in addition to various forms of publications, such as: lists of patents and products that have originated from Norwegian research.

All results are linked to relevant sources of information: personal data register, institution register, theme register etc. to avoid duplication of data and to form the basis of new statistics. It is possible for all publication records in CRIStin to include a link to the publication if it is freely available online, either in an open publication archive or through another source.

Researcher profiles

Researcher profiles contains a list of researchers linked to CRIStin institutions.

Researcher profiles contains information about a researcher, background, contact information, tags, CV, awards and research visits. The profile is a key point in CRIStin that allows you to navigate to a researcher's records in other modules in the system. From the profile we can see what a researcher has published, and which projects and research units he/she is linked to.


The project module contains information on projects which one or more CRIStin institutions are involved in.

The project module provides an overview of the topics that are researched upon in Norway and contains an overview of research related to the project, the project topic, the unit responsible for the project, and research the project has contributed to. In addition, this module contains a registry of standard licenses and permits for the project (only available to the participant's institutions).

Research Units

The research unit module is an overview of research groups, organizational units and research centers.

The research module is intended for internal and external visibility of the units. The overview provides the opportunity to show which topics the units are focused on, collaborators and affiliations.

The information in these modules are open and searchable by everyone. Login is only required for registration or administration of data.

At present there are over 160 institutions using CRIStin.