Open Access

«In principle, the Government believes that all scientific papers resulting from publicly funded research should be openly available.» Klima for forskning (St.meld. Nr. 30:2008-09)/Climate for Research, a White paper on research.

Why Open Access?

  • Because information and knowledge should be freely available
  • Because the research is shared in solidarity with those who can not afford to purchase access to it
  • Because the research is paid for with tax money
  • Because Open Access contributes to increased distribution of research - including new user groups
  • Because the author do not relinquish all rights to the publication to a publisher


What does CRIStin do in the Open Access field?

In 2012, CRIStin has focused on the following areas:

  • The Ministry of Education and Research's project on Open Access
  • Infrastructure related to institutional repositories
  • Networking and information 


What is Open Access?

Open Access means that scientific publications are made freely available on the web. The author retains the copyright to the material, but gives users permission to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or wholly link text without demanding compensation.