CRIStin's routines

Below is a description of CRIStin's routines.

1. Renewal routines

Web forms

All CRIStin consortia participants uses web forms for renewing, cancelling and entering a consortium agreement.

Licenses ordered formally

CRIStin is administratively affiliated with The University of Oslo (UiO) and have started using UiO's purchase order routines when ordering electronic resources for its consortia participants. This means that CRIStin now uses UiO's electronic procurement system, which entails that we are connected to an electronic marketplace following the Ministry of Government and Reform.

When all renewals/cancellations are in order, CRIStin will on behalf of the participants send a formal license order to the publisher. This order is generated from the electronic procurement system and carries a unique order number. It is important that you use this order number as a reference on the invoice.

Orders will be received from one of the following e-mail addresses:


We recommend that you activate receipt from these addresses immediately, to avoid orders being caught in your spam filter.

Is your vendor registered in our procurement system?

In order to make the ordering and invoicing process go as smoothly and correctly as possible, all of CRIStin's publishers need to be registered in the procurement system. Earlier this spring, we sent out to all publishers a request to provide us with the correct information for this registration. Please see our list of registered publishers, and contact us if your vendor is not on this list.


After receiving the formal order from CRIStin, the publisher generates an invoice that includes the given unique order number. The number will make an automatic match in CRIStin's invoicing system.


2. News to the participants

CRIStin has a news feed for publishers on the main web site.

See our web site 'A news feed for publishers' (the page is under construction).


3. Changing IP-addresses and other technical support

All inquiries regarding IP-changes and other technical matters go directly from the consortium participant to the publisher. CRIStin is added as cc to the inquiry for orientation.

CRIStin provides the consortia participants with support contact information for all publishers. Please email konsortieteamet[at] if the contact information for your vendor should be changed/updated.


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