FirstSearch Migration to WorldCat Discovery Services

The FirstSearch product will be migrating towards the WorldCat Discovery Services at the end of this year.

The subscribers to FirstSearch need to register to be able to do this. After registration they will receive the explanation and URL on how to do this.Please find below all the information and links that the customers need in order to be able to register:


WorldCat® Discovery Services, is the new name for FirstSearch®



WorldCat® Discovery Services, is a new suite of cloud-based applications that enables your users to discover more than 1.8 billion electronic, digital and physical resources in libraries around the world through a single search of both WorldCat® and a central index that represents more than 2,000 e-content collections.


WorldCat Discovery Services makes it easier for users to discover and access more content than ever, with new features including:



*             An improved user interface that adapts automatically to mobile devices

*             A custom URL for your library that replaces the authorization/password log-on used by FirstSearch and eliminates the need for users to authenticate before searching

*             New functionality such as a MARC record view (MARC record views are available to those libraries with a current OCLC WorldCat cataloguing subscription).

*             Access to a central index that represents more than a billion articles, e-books and other e-content

*             Ability for users from mutually subscribing libraries to search authoritative sources from providers such as Gale, ProQuest, Elsevier, Springer and others

*             A new WorldCat Discovery API <>  which libraries can use to extend an alternative discovery service such as VUFind or Blacklight to include results from both WorldCat and a central index of article and e-book metadata. (Available now as a beta to a select number of libraries that subscribe to FirstSearch <> , WorldCat Local <> or WorldCat Discovery Services <> . Full availability to all eligible libraries and partners is expected in early 2015)



Currently you already have access to several unique features that ensure your libraries’ collections can be found by researchers and information-seekers all over the world. Only WorldCat Discovery Services offer libraries the opportunity to have their holdings registered in WorldCat and made visible in and several other sites including Google Scholar, Google Books, EasyBib, GoodReads and Credo Reference.


It only takes a few minutes to make use of these new services. Simply register here <>  to start your move from FirstSearch to WorldCat Discovery Services.


WorldCat Discovery Services is easy to set-up and maintain. We’ll send you a welcome email containing your new WorldCat Discovery Services URL along with details to assist you with configuration options such as branding the interface with your logo and colours.


FirstSearch will operate in parallel with WorldCat Discovery Services until 31st December 2015, allowing you to choose your transition timing.


Your complete discovery solution

If you are interested in making WorldCat Discovery Services your primary discovery solution, providing consolidated access to electronic, physical and digital items from your library and the world’s library collections, we are happy to provide you with further information and answer your questions.  Additional features include:



*             ILS integration for real-time availability status

*             A group or consortium view of available resources

*             Remote database search



We appreciate your use of OCLC services and are excited to provide even more value going forward.


Please contact us if you have questions about your library’s specific situation and what these changes mean to you.


Kind regards,

Published Feb. 20, 2015 9:13 AM - Last modified Feb. 20, 2015 10:54 AM